"When I found out I was pregnant with my 1st child I knew I wanted to continue exercising but I didn’t know if XFit was safe during pregnancy.  After a little research and consultation with my doctor and coach I discovered that it is indeed possible to XFit during pregnancy and there are many benefits. 

Some of the benefits I felt from training during my pregnancy were increased energy levels, decreased back ache, decreased ligament and joint pain, better sleep and a general sense of physical and mental well-being.  My biggest struggle with XFit while pregnant was definitely getting my weights off the ground as my tummy got in the way and having to constantly remind myself that this was not the time for any kind of personal record.  During my first pregnancy I trained up until 38 weeks and this time around I trained until 37 weeks. XFit is scalable for ANYONE – even for people with large baby bumps.  As long as you listen to your body, know which movements are safe and have a coach that is willing to assist with scaling options as your pregnancy progresses it is definitely possible – and fun. 

I also believe that continuing my XFit routine during pregnancy enabled me to recover faster after the birth and reach my pre-pregnancy weight sooner – I hope this time around I will experience the same.  

Huge thanks to Hein for supporting my training while pregnant and for making sure I could always take part in the workouts by having scaled options for me!"

Pauline Rodrigues

"Before joining XFit, I was intimidated by it. When I saw XFit girls, I saw strong and fierce. There was no way I could do what they do. I wanted to get there though, so I decided I have to start somewhere and I tried it. One class at Chaotic and I was hooked. I came back for more! With every workout there is great support from everyone and people that are constantly pushing you to become your best. 
The fantastic coaches worked with me and scaled the workouts so I could do it and I felt accomplished. I could actually do it. I was so sore and tired but I wanted to be confident, strong and healthy so I realized I had to fight for it. I was determined to be a better me and XFit gave me that. My competitive nature kicked in and I entered my first competition 4 months after I joined. I loved it and it gave me the confidence to enter the next one and the next. I even did the XFit Open this year! 
One of the best things about XFit is anyone really can do it, it doesn't matter your age, weight or physical setbacks. All movements can be scaled for anyone. I know that XFit has changed me forever and I love it! Being around healthy, positive and likeminded people is the highlight of my day!"


Christelle Botes

"I started XFit about four years ago when I was studying down in Grahamstown.
Little did I know that by walking through those doors, my life would change forever.

My journey with XFit has been far from easy, but it has been very rewarding to
say the least. I was heavily overweight, I couldn’t skip, do a ring row or swing a
kettle bell over my head, but I kept going. I didn’t keep going because of the
exercise, I kept going because of the people, the community.

The workouts left me breathless and flat on my back, they still do, but the spirit in the
room brings me back to the box every single day and that drives me to be better.

CrossFit to me means community. It means helping one another achieve things that
you never once thought you could and that’s what I love about this sport."


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